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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blog Post 10

screen shot of Kathy Cassidy's interview

I enjoyed watching the interviews between Dr. Strange and Kathy Cassidy. Kathy made a lot of great points about technology. I loved how Kathy stated that because technology is so advanced and used by many, that teachers need to incorporate it in lessons so that students learn more about it. Technology is vital. Many people say that it is too hard to learn technology since they never really used it growing up, but Kathy made a great point about how technology is such a useful tool because it is easy to learn new tools.

I also loved how Kathy uses blogging in her classroom. She allows students to blog and she keeps a blogging portfolio for her students and allows parents to view it at any time. I believe this is great for parents because they can access it at any time in there connivence. When I become a teacher I would definitely love to use blogging in my classroom. My only concern was addressed in Kathy's interview. I was concerned about keeping students name safe on the internet. Kathy stated that she doesn't use last names on blogging.

I enjoyed watching Kathy's Interview and gained more knowledge to use when I become a teacher.

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  1. Are there any other technologies and techniques besides blogging that you plan on using in your future classroom?