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Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Post 7

How Do We All Become Learners?

            Before I graduate and become a teacher, I have a lot of preparation to do. There are many things that I do not know but I do know that we never stop learning. Even after I graduate I will continue to learn. I do have some goals set out for me before I graduate to help me become a better teacher. The goals are to improve my weaknesses. My weaknesses is things that involve technology. I never really grew up around technology in my house so I am not familiar with it like some people are. I will say that I have gotten a lot better with it since this class. EDM 310 pushes me to become a better learner and teacher. Although I do have some weakness, I would consider myself to have some strengths. My strengths are: Organization and patience.

Image of a quote that says develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow

Summary of what I learned from the following Videos:

Video: How to make an audio QR Code
This video taught me how to record your voice. This tip is very helpful when becoming a teacher because as a teacher you can record yourself for your students to listen to. It also taught me how to turn the recording into a QR code by using the website www.qrcode-monkey.com.

Video: IPad Reading Center
This video was another helpful tool when becoming a teacher. It showed me how to teach kids to use technology. Students used iPads as a center. During the center they would record themselves reading and then listen to themselves and read along again. This technique taught the kids how to incorporate technology with reading.

Video: Poplet with Ginger Tuck
This video teacher taught me what a poplet is and why they are helpful. A poplet is an app that students use to create a visual form of a text. By using there iPad they take pictures of the book they are reading and also type the text they are reading. This teaches them how to use technology while learning how to read and spell.

Video: Alabama Virtual Library and Kindergarten Students
This video teaches students how to use Alabama Virtual Library though a iPad. Alabama Virtual Library is a search engine that allows you to search a key word and it will show you all the books, articles, movies, ext related to the keyword.

Video: Tammy Shirley Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project
This video teaches students how to use Discovery Board Builder. The teacher shows you how to us it in the video and so does the student. This app is a great tool to use during a project.

Video: Mrs. Tassin's 2nd Grade students share Board Builder Project
This video was a great example of how students use Board Builder for there projects. This app is a great tool for students of all ages.

Video: Using iMovies and the Alabama Virtual in Kindergarten
This video amazed me. It showed me how technology is so advanced now that even Kindergarteners are using it. It amazed me that Kindergarteners are doing book trailers and I just did my first one a week ago. It amazes me. Not only are they using iMovies but they are also learning how to use AVL in kindergarten. I didn't learn what AVL was until a few years ago. This amazes me how much technology is advancing. It also makes me glad that I am in EDM310 so I can learn and teach myself more about technology.

Video: We All Become Learners
This video reassures me that we are all learners. We never stop learning. Students teach teachers. Teachers teach students. Students teach students. Teachers teach teachers. We are all learners.


  1. I really like your picture. It really goes with your blog post. You said you have a lot of things you need to learn because you become a teacher. I think that about myself every day. But we can do it. Its so worth it!

  2. Great organization of thoughts! Well done!