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Monday, October 6, 2014

C4T # 2 for Blog: Life Is Not A Race To Be First Finished

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Summary of Post #1:
Allanah King posted in her blog about Dot Day. She stated how she wanted her boys to do a project using Photopeach but she sadly found out that it was blocked because of the schools recently moving to N4L(network for learning).

My name is Kayla Cooper. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am recently became a blogger and have enjoyed looking through others blogs.
Lately I have seen so many blogs about National Dot Day. I never knew that something like “Dot Day” would be so popular. Your blog is a great example to look at on how to do a correct blog. I love how you had links for everything you stated in your blog.

Summary of Post #2:
Allanah King posted in her blog about how she received her google instructor degree. She also posted tutorials about how to change some things with goole.

I really enjoyed reading your blog post, once again. I was very impressed that you took the time to receive your google educator's degree. I also enjoyed watching the video tutorials. They were very helpful. Great post!

Allanah Blog

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