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Friday, October 10, 2014

Blog Post 8

Image of Randy Pausch

WOW! This blog post assignment is my favorite one so far. The interview by Randy Paush was so encouraging to watch. As a 20 year old who just recently went through open heart surgery in June of 2014 because of a hole in my heart, I can somewhat relate to Randy. Not only did I just go though open heart surgery to fix a hole in my heart but in my recent check up, Doctors have found another hole. We are uncertain at this moment if it can be fixed or not. Just like Randy stated in his lecture "It is what it is, we cannot change it." I am not allowing what I am going through to stop me from pursuing  my dreams and passions. I still continue to work full time, go to school full time, and serve in the ministry. I enjoy my life. Yes, moments are hard but each and every day is a blessing!

Not only was Randy Paush lecture encouraging but it also taught me a lot. He talked about 3 thing in his last lecture: His childhood dreams, helping others establish their childhood dreams, and lessons learned.

Her are some of the lessons I learned while watching his last lecture:
1. Have fun
2. Decide if you are tiger or Eeyore
3. Never lose the child like wonder
4. Help others
5. Tell the truth
6. Be earnest
7. Apologize when you mess up
8. Don't complain- work harder
9. Show gratitude
10. Focus on others

All of these are lesson that Randy learned throughout his life that I found valuable. One of my favorite quotes that he said in his last lecture was "Brick walls show our dedication." This quote is so true. We all hit some brick walls in our lifetime but its what we do after we hit them that really matter. It shows our determination.


  1. Sounds like you are choosing to be a Tigger about your heart health concerns. Often the example that we set in how we live our lives speaks much louder than any of our well planned and executed lessons.

    1. I agree! It reminds me of the saying "actions speak louder then words"