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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blog Post 11

What can we learn about teaching and learning from these teachers?

Image of PBL

Back To The Future
I really enjoyed watching this video. It was really neat to watch the experiment that Brian Cosby did with his class. He not only got his classes attention but he used technology to get other people in different states involved. This video just goes to show people how technology can connect people all around the world.

Blended Learning Cycle
The first thing that I found very interesting in this video was how he cited that he used twitter to connect with someone around the world. To be honest, before starting in EDM310 I never though that twitter could be a helpful tool in education but I am beginning to see twitter differently. The second thing that I learned in this video was what the blended learning cycle was. It is when you combine "Online, Mobile, and Classroom"(Blended Learning) with "Engage, Explore, Explain, Expand, and Evaluate"(Learning Cycle).

Teaching Digital Citizenship In Elementary School
This video was a very good video that shows people how technology is good to use in classrooms and how elementary schools are using it.  This video shows how elementary classrooms are using it to make comic books.

Project Based Learning
This video is all about PBL. It explains that in PBL that the students make most of the decisions on their own and how PBL is a great tool in education.

Roosevelt Elementary's PBL program
This video shows how Roosevelt Elementary uses project based learning in their school. Project Based Learning is where students use projects to gain more knowledge. Projects help students retain information better then just telling them the information. It requires them to use the information they have received.


  1. Very thorough post! I didn't think of Twitter as a networking tool either. Using social media connects us to teachers, experts, and students. I have also found that Pinterest can be used for finding teacher blogs around the world. We are able to connect and share ideas with these teachers. I've found fun and interesting PBL ideas. PBL is a wonderful method because the students can learn at their own pace and I'm sure grades will increase.

  2. Try and add a little more detail to the videos next time and really tell what you learned about teaching AND learning. Good post :)