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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

C4T#1 for Blog: Cooperative Catalyst

Summary of the teachers blog 1:
My teacher was Stephen Hurley and his blog was titled “Welcoming our Newest Colleagues: Letter to A Beginning Teacher”. His blog was directed toward new teachers. Although his blog was directed towards new teachers, he did a great job including others in the education field. In the blog he proposed an idea that new teachers share there feelings about the school year over voiceEd.ca. Not only did he direct the idea towards new teachers, he also directed it toward anyone in the education field. But like I stated earlier, the blog was directed more towards new teachers. His blog was a lot of his own opinion rather than facts.

My comment to the teachers blog:
"I truly enjoyed reading your blog and looking through your blog page. My name is Kayla Cooper and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently in an Education Course where I am learning how to use blogger. So, I am exploring other blogs out there. Something that really stuck out to me in this blog is when you stated that new teachers emotions are running high. I could not even imagine what it will be like the day I begin my first day as a teacher. Something else I enjoyed about this blog is that you included everyone in this blogs. Everyone from teachers to anyone “around the edges” of education was included in the blog. I also love the idea that David made in the comment. It is a great idea. I look forward to reading more post from you!"

Summary of the teachers blog 2:
My teacher was Robin Clane and her blog was titled "To Quit or Not to Quit: That is The Question". Her blog was about how teachers are either quitting or either wanting to change the system. She states the neither side is "the right thing to do". She never really gives her "side" but she states that all students learn differently. So in my opinion, she thinks that leaving is not the answer but changing it is not the answer either because each student is different. Her last sentences states, "We need educators working both inside and outside of the system to build the kind of movement we need to create lasting change." I believe this sentences wraps up her blog.

My comment to the teachers blog:
"My name is Kayla Cooper and I am currently a University of South Alabama student. I am enrolled in EDM 310 and am becoming familiar with blogs. I love this post! You could not have said anything any better. I completely agree with everything stated. I believe leaving the education system in not the right answer but I also believe that changing it completely is not the right answer. I personally believe that every student is different and teachers need to realize that. So with that being said, I agree with you when you stated that there is a lack of understanding that each student learns different. This was a great post and look forward to reading many more by you!"

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  1. Hi Kayla. I enjoyed your comments to these teachers. I woud like to recommend that you include the links to these teachers' blogs so others can enjoy them that read your blog. You were very clear and organized in your comments. Your comments are good examples of what comments to other professionals should look like. Good job!