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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blog Post 6

What Did I Learn From Anthony Capps?

 Image of Project Based Learning

This weeks Blog assignment was very interesting and helpful to me. I loved watching all the videos and loved learning all the new information from Anthony. He seems like a very intelligent man. He gave multiple examples of PBL( Project Based Learning) and why it is so helpful.

I think my favorite example that he gave was from the first video. Anthony stated in the video that a big debate was going on about if women should fight in open combat? So Anthony used PBL to help his students in there writing, language, and social studies skills. He  made them write a letter to the congressmen on their opinion on if women should be allowed to fight in open combat or not. This project gave his students a chance to seek information out on the topic and to develop better writing skills.

Another thing I loved that Anthony states in the video "Anthony and Strange tips for teachers Part 1" is all the tips him and Dr. Strange give. They state that teachers need to wanna be learners there selves. I completely agree with this, not only should the students want to learn but also the teachers. No one ever knows everything, there is always room for learning. I also love that they state that teachers need to be flexible. As a preschool teacher myself, I realize they flexibility is key in becoming a great teacher. Sometimes a lesson plan may not go as you planned and you have to be flexible and fix it by either having a back up plan or re-doing the lesson plan.

I enjoyed every video from Anthony Capps. It was very helpful and filled with lots of valuable information. Thank you Dr. Strange for assigning this assignment.


  1. I agree, teachers need to be learners as well. While being a flexible teacher is beneficial it can also provide humor in the lesson. It also allows the teacher to make improvements for the next year. This was a great assignment and I'm thankful for Capps examples of PBL. Do you plan on using any of these examples or similar ones in your classroom?


  2. "students in there writing"--their
    "the tips him and Dr. Strange give"--he
    "wanna be learners there selves"--want to, themselves
    "I completely agree with this, not only should the students..."--put a period after "this" and start a new sentence

    Please remember to proof read before posting!