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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post 4

What do we need to know about asking questions to become an effective teacher?

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I have never been one that has ever had a problem with asking questions. Anyone who knows me knows that I always ask question. If I don't understand something I always ask questions. So when I first looked at the question for this blog post, I automatically thought, "Well this will be easy." I was so wrong. I never realized that there was such a pressure on teachers about asking questions.  Before reading the assignments for this blog I never knew there was a right way and a wrong way to asking questions. 

I found that all of the assignments where helpful but the two I found most helpful to me was Asking Questions to Improve learning and Three Ways to Ask Better Questions in the Classroom. I believe that the information in these two blogs really helped me learn what I needed know about asking questions to become an effective teacher.

The blog "Asking Questions to Improve Learning" taught me how avoiding asking "leading questions",  the difference in "open" and "closed" question, and a few other tips.  A "leading question" discourages students to think on their own. When asking questions, you want students to think on their own and another way to do that is to use open ended questions. Closed ended question tend to be the "yes" or "no" answers and open ended question lead others to think and answer more then a one word answer. Another thing I learned in this blog is that when doing a class discussion, only ask one question at a time. This allows for the students to really think about it and give more then just a one word answer.

The blog "Three Ways to Ask Better Questions in the Classroom"taught me three things to help me know what I need to know about asking questions to become an effective teacher.
1. Prepare questions- plan questions to ask in your classroom
2. Play with questions- encourage students to think about it for a little while and then give the answer
3. Preserve good questions- when a good questions comes along and a good response then save it for another time

The other assignments where very helpful in teaching me what I needed to know to asking questions to become an effective teacher. I just believe those two blogs helped me the most.


  1. Hey Kayla! I completely agree with your blog post. Until i watched the videos and read the posts, I never thought about how crucial questions are in the classroom. This made me have a different perspective about teachers asking questions. Keep up the good work. Good luck this semester!

  2. Overall, good job!

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