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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Blog Post

My name is Kayla Cooper. This is my third year here at the University of South Alabama. I was born in Ft. Pierce Florida but I was raised in Mobile Alabama. I am an Elementary Education major. This is my first semester of actually stepping into my major and that is something that makes me excited. I enjoy working with kids. I am a currently a teacher at Semmes First Baptist and a preschool director at my church. I look forward to the day where I am an Elementary teacher. I know with out a doubt that this is what I am supposed to do with my life. I love working with kids and always have. To anyone who knows me knows that I usually have child with me at all times. That in itself should show you have much I enjoy working with children.

Although I know that being a toddler teacher is a lot different then being an elementary teacher but I still believe it is teaching me some important aspects. Aspects that teachers in the 21st century deal with. Being a teacher in the 21st century means you have to have a lot more qualities then what some people think. A teacher is more then just someone who teaches a child information. They are more then just a "teacher" they are a organizer, advice giver, controller, and much more. A teacher in the 21st century also has to be a lot more technology advanced then teachers in the past. Technology has advanced in so many ways that now-a-days you almost can't make it in the world without it. Knowing all of this just makes me want to become a teacher even more. I realize that being a teacher is work and you learn different aspects to make you a better teacher everyday.

I believe one aspects I am great at is patience. Being a teacher will definitely teach you patience. There is one aspect I fell I could improve on and that is organization.There isn't much more I could say about myself other then I enjoy what I do and look forward to doing it the rest of my life!

This picture describes me now and in the future. I love playing, learning and growing together with my class now and look forward to my classes in the future.

1. About me (Name, grade, where I was born, job and my major)
2. What I like to do and why I chose the field of education (love working with kids and always have-the reason why i chose the field I did)
3. Description of a 21st teacher (Technologically educated, more then just "teach")
4. Things I am good at and need to work on (patience and organization)
5 Picture to describe what I love to do (teach)


  1. "...first semester…" I wonder why first (and many other words) is broken. Perhaps it is the font you used?

    "...controller, and much…" Controller?

    1. Dear Mr. Strange
      I have tried fixing the breaks in the words. I have googled and asked the Facebook page. I am going to stop by the lab next.
      Also I said "controller" by saying that teachers control the classroom and their students.