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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post 2

What will teaching in the 21st century be like?

Picture of the ABC's of the 21st Century

1. Video: Mr. Dancealot

I found the video of Mr. Dancealot to be very entertaining. Not only was the video entertaining but it was also educational. I believe the central message of the video was that not all classes can be taught with just lectures. Some classes need to be taught with hands on activities. The author of Mr. Dancealot video makes his point clear towards the end of the video when it was time for the students to get up and dance for the final grade. All of the students did not know what to do because they did not have any practice in the class. I completely agree with author of the video. Some classes need more hands on activities and not just lecture. Just like EDM 310, we would never learn how to do anything with HTML if we didn't practice it ourselves and we were just lectured about it.

2. Video: Teaching in the 21st century by Kevin Roberts

Roberts made lots of points in the video on how teaching has changed and is continuing to change. One of my favorite points he made was:

"Techers are not the main source of knowledge."
That point is so very true. Technology has made it so much easier to find out information faster. I believe that when I do become a teacher, I am not going to be the only source my students will go to for information. I believe it will be my job as a teacher to teach them the correct sources to use since teachers aren't the only sources now-a-days. This video and the points made in the video just go to show you how much teaching has changed

3. Video: The Network Student by Wendy Drexler

This video is directed toward connectivism. Although it may seem like the network student doesn't need a teacher, he does. Yes, the network student teaches his self and finds information his self. He still needs someone to go to when he needs help or when he needs direction on which source to go to. Just like EDM 310, the class is very self taught but we still need a teacher to correct us and direct us in the right path.

4. Video: Harness your students Digital Smarts by Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis's video encourages me to become a teacher that teaches students to want to learn. She uses technology to teach the students to learn and teach there selves. Once again, this video reminds me of EDM 310. This is a class where not everything is handed to us. We must seek other sources to learn and to hopefully teach other too. I believe Vicki Davis wants to teach her students that they are their own teacher and can do it with a littler direction from her.

5. Video: Who is ahead in the Learning Race?

Wow! This video was a eye opener to me! It shocks me how much technology has changed and how technological advanced elementary kids are now-a-days and how much I am just now learning about Macs,google docs, and blogs. There is no doubt about it that elementary kids are ahead in the learning race. They are learning things that I am just now learning as a third year student at the University of South Alabama.

6. Video: Flipping the Classroom

I am pretty familiar with "Flipping the classroom". I am not familiar with the term "flipping the classroom" but I am familiar with concept of it. Student will have a homework assignment that allows the student to learn some background knowledge of the information that will be taught to them the next day and allows them to go ahead and come to school with knowledge and questions for the lesson. I love this concept and when I become a teacher I will be using this concept. I believe it saves lots of time with teaching the background knowledge and also teaches the students to become learners.


  1. "...not all classes can be taught with just lectures." Can any? Should any?

    "Some classes need to be taught with hands on activities." Not all?

    "...teaches his self..." himself, not his self

    "...and teach there selves." themselves, not there selves (or even their selves).

  2. Hi Kayla! I like what you said about flipping the classroom. I agree, that it teaches students to become learners. In my classroom I need to use this method when I start teaching. This method would teach students to become independent and not rely on the teacher for everything. Good Job!