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Sunday, August 24, 2014

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What about EDM310?

When I first signed up for EDM 310 I was petrified. I actually remember calling a friend and saying something along the lines of "I think I have lost my mind". I heard nothing but bad things about this class at the time of signing up. I knew it was required but I dreaded it. I heard that you had to have a Mac to be able to actually do well in the class. So what do I do? I go out and buy a Mac. I also heard that this class is not like your normal class. A friends exact words were "You are your own teacher in EDM". With that being said, it scared me but also made me excited to be in a class so unique. So like I stated earlier, going into this class I had many fears from what people have said but now that I am in it I truly believe I am going to enjoy it. 

From what I know about EDM is that it is not like many high school courses. Although I was in Honors classes in High School, the teachers still taught you everything you needed to know and most of the time I only retain it for the test. So I believe that this class is different in that aspect because you pretty much learn how to do it on your own and so you will retain the information. I really have a hard time comparing high school or other college courses with EDM because EDM is so different from any class I have taken.

I truly am excited about EDM 310. The only thing that I think will be a challenge for me is that I really don't know how to use the Mac laptop. I believe that throughout this semester I will learn more and more about the Mac. I also know that I could always ask for help via Facebook, text, call or by using the lab hours.

I look forward to a great semester in EDM 310. I realize I will probably make many mistakes but I know I will learn from them and they will only make me a better student. I fully understand the hours and dedication required for this class and I am ready to take on this class.

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  1. If you can use a PC you can use a Mac. It is even easier. Control becomes command and command becomes control. That's it. Welcome to EDM310.